Spira logo

Ware Spring© returns energy with every step. Unlike traditional shoe midsoles made primarily of foams, rubber compounds or polymers, Ware Spring© technology stores & disperses energy with every step. Spira's footware not only cushions, but returns energy. In a very real sense, the Ware Spring© enables you to recycle your own energy!

P.W. Minor logo

P.W. Minor has been producing footwear for over 140 years. Today P.W. Minor offers a variety of products with comfort and wellness features, along with a complete line of footcare products. P. W. Minor produces shoes which accomodate problematic foot conditions ranging from plantar fasciitis to diabetes.

Birkenstock logo

What's Real? Cork. Leather. A buckle or two. A simple idea that has made feet happy for over 200 years. That's the original Birkenstock. Made in Germany since 1774 (with a few minor design tweaks in the meantime). No smoke. No mirrors. No gizmos. You walk, the shoe molds to your foot. You feel good. We feel good.

Kumfs logo

A triumph of engineering, they offer height without compromising comfort. To complete a fabulous outfit or tackle a hectic work day, you can rely on your dressy Kumfs to make it through.

Keen logo

H20 Sandal only: from unexpected downpours to tired feet, KEEN Hybrid.ology is about eliminating the effects of anything that comes between you and your hybridLife. KEEN Hybrid.ology ensures superior fit, extra durability, unending comfort and exceptional performance. It also gives us an excuse to say things like metatomical footbed, quindensity midsole, and low durometer EVA.

Orthaheel logo

Orthaheel Tri Planar Motion Control technology helps reduce pronation and relieve pain in the foot, ankle, and knee by providing correct biomechanical support and stability.